Teagan Cums with Caleb



Chicago, Illinois USA
15:25 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 1.22 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Teagan is trying on a sexy new bra and panties when Caleb enters the room and reaches for the vibrator. They embrace each other and kiss passionately before Caleb's lips begin to wander and the lingerie quickly hits the floor. Caleb's familiar hands caress Teagan's body while she pleasures herself. Deeply aroused, she pleads for Caleb to feed his cock to her. But he withholds at first. He puts his face between her legs and helps her along with the gentle touch of his finger and the tender vibrations of his probing tongue. In time, he pulls out his cock and Teagan delights in the taste of it as she brings herself even closer to orgasm. Her face expresses the all-consuming pleasure she feels as Caleb tenderly sucks her nipples and fucks her with his hand until she cums hard. At that point, she lets him know that she is dying to be fucked. But they both know that all penetration will have to wait until the second day of shooting, and that we will keep them apart in separate, chaperoned hotel rooms overnight. ***See our curated collection of erotica for couples at ourcabana.com/watch