ASMR Tickling wet mouth sounds, moanings



Spanish / Spain
10:55 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 640.92 MB


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Would you like to feel the best tickles ever in your ear? Do you melt with my perfect mouth? Enjoy now one of my best mouth clips with your headphones on for a pure erotic ASMR experience. Hot and exciting wet mouth sounds which will get you so horny when you feel them an my breath very close to your ear, while at the same time you are watching my juicy lips in an enigmatic purple lipstick colour playing in your eyes. My perfect irresistible lips will attract your full atention, let them caress your senses, let them play and make your dick hard by waking your fantasies up. My naughty tongue, my provocative moaning and my delicious spit showing up in my mouth will drive you crazy. Feel the purest braingasm, my assorted wet mouth sounds are the song of a mermaid, they will mesmerize your brain and your crotch. You will feel a very uncontrollable need of kissing and eating my mouth. You can´t resist my thick kissable lips, a pleasant temptation which you won´t run away from. Close your eyes and try to guess what I am doing with my mouth every sec. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you were looking for a real erotic mouth ASMR experience. HIGHLIGHTED: my vivid and original lipstick colour, an open flower in spring