Whip Cream Birthday Surprise Anal


Victoria Brassy

American / ASS ASS ASS
13:08 min - Oct 20 - .WMV - 733.69 MB
Widescreen [HD 1080p] This video is a custom and it's all about giving you a special birthday surprise. Your wife has given you permission to have one night with anyone of your choosing and you've chosen me to live out all your fantasies. I start out with a nice shot of my curves and then use whip cream to decorate my breasts. I rub them in and out, licking off every last creamy drop before I decorate your cock and begin to lick and suck it, too. Finally, I spread my asshole nice and wide and putt a diamond encrusted jewel butt plug up my dirty little hole, adding whip cream to my back end for you to lick off. At last you are able to hear me moan and watch me play with my pussy from behind before turning around to show you my face and the agony that this butt plug is putting me through. We finish with a kiss and you've had the best birthday orgasm of your life