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Nigerian / Candyland
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HD - You Foine teacher holds a car wash fundraiser and guess who get front frow to them thigh$.. After the customers and students clear out, you stay behind to "help". Those thick thighs are calling you, even though her smirking is writing you off. Standing up in pink hot shorts, her ass facing you is making you grow down below. The soft moans and gentle yet aggressive ways that she's grabbing her ass has you under complete submission. Your every stroke you sit beneath her hoping for every stroke depends on what she says.  Better make sure to keep this dirty secret too. It's bad enough Teach was showing so much legs at the fundraiser. She begins to strip out of her shorts and top before booty clapping. You nut earlier than she planned. Looking down at you and the mess you've made of your shorts, she tells you to quickly get the dick back at attention. Don't disappoint, flow the bouncing ass and don't stop stroking until she permits you. The clapping of her cheeks is echoing throughout the room, her bubbly brown cheeks fighting each other for the screen. When she starts spreading those cheeks you know what time it is.. Those fat cheeks are no longer fighting because that assholes cumming attraction :)   THIS CLIP SUCK VODKA KOOLAID OUT OF ER BELLY BUTTON FOR: MOANING FETISH - JOI - ASS SMACKING - ROLE PLAY - BOOTY CLAPPING - DIRTY TALK - ASSHOLE FETISH - ASS SPREADING - ASS WORSHIP