Breast Expansion & Growth, Inflation



American / Florida
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This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, girl takes a walk out into the desert after a huge fight with her boyfriend, she is upset because her boyfriend said she had small tits, sees a meteorite hit the ground, is curious & heads toward it, touches it & gets shocked, dizzy & disoriented, overwhelming sensations, can't help but masturbate, 3 different breast expansions, orgasms, growth, body inflation, sound effects, special, effects, HUGE tits, real time inflation** After a huge fight with her boyfriend, Fifi has decided to take a long walk to help clear her head. "It's so beautiful out here," Fifi says to herself as she walks through Las Vegas' sunny desert. The sun is setting, the mountains are in view, and it's hot outside. Fifi stands beside a metal, wired fence, and rants, "God, I hate wearing dresses anymore...especially this kind of dress. Ever since Aiden said my chest was tiny..." She's upset, now thinking that she's not attractive enough for anyone, and looks out to the empty, lonely desert. A meteorite suddenly falls from the sky and hits the ground which catches Fifi's attention. She crawls through the fence, careful not to tear her dress on the sharp wire, and walks toward the spot it fell. "What is that?" she says, her shoes crunching against the rocks and dirt. Fifi stands over the glowing crater left by the meteorite, intrigued, and can't help but touch it. "Ow!" she jerks back after being shocked. She holds her head in her hands as she starts to get dizzy, and is unable to walk or look straight. Overwhelmed, she decides to take a seat on the ground. "Oh my god, oh my god...why is that so sensitive?" Fifi says touching her pussy. She lifts her dress and begins rubbing herself, completely absorbed in the sensations from the shock. "What was that thing?" she asks herself between breaths. As she masturbates, she becomes more dizzy, and eventually she has to lie down. After some time has passed, Fifi gets up from the ground, confused and disoriented, "God, what happened?" She dusts herself off, noticing how sore her body is, especially her chest. "Ow...ow, they're so sensitive," she says gently squeezing her tits. Her fingers wander back to her clit, and she begins masturbating again as her chest slowly expands. "Are they...getting bigger?" she sighs in pleasure. Her chest continues to expand, and Fifi is overwhelmed with pleasure. Although she freaks out over what is happening, she can't help but feel amazing as the growth occurs. "How are they getting this...BIG!? Oh god, that feels so good," she moans. Her tits become enormous and heavy, and she masturbates until she cums. Fifi gets up from the ground, a spirit leaving her body, and looks around. She notices her top is down, and quickly covers up out of embarrassment. She tries to figure out what happened, assuming it was a dream, and heads back to her car