Mom Stripped & Degraded By Son



American / Florida
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This includes: Fifi Foxx, Cock Ninja, mom/son, mom is on the phone w/ her friend telling her about her new stripper job, mom is happy that the job is easy & makes good money & is even enjoyable, son is listening in on the conversation & is furious, approaches mom, degrading & insulting, takes clothes off, embarrassment, ENF, embarrassed naked female, stripping, awkward, aggressive groping, crying, whining, begging & pleading, blackmail, commands/demands, masturbation, clit rubbing, fingering, son fingers mom, finger-fucking, orgasms** Fifi giggles to her friend on the phone, "Yeah, so I can't believe it...I started working at this strip club." She explains that she can't believe how easy, fun, and enjoyable the job is, and how she even feels sexy wearing the lingerie on stage. "I can't believe someone my age is still able to make money," she says happily. Fifi sweetly brags about how she comes home with 2-300 dollars a day, but that her family has no idea. Unfortunately for her, however, her son, Jon, has been listening in on the whole conversation, and he isn't too pleased with what he hears her saying. He stands over her, "What? Uh...what? Sexy outfits? You LIKE dancing? What the fuck are you talking about?" Fifi panics, hangs up the phone, and tries to calm him down, but Jon is far too disgusted by the idea of his mom as a stripper. She pleads with him not to tell his father, explaining that it's just easy cash, but Jon isn't sympathetic nor understanding. He fo.rces her up, and Fifi cowers. "You like to strip? Why don't you give me a little taste?" he says yanking her dress down. "I'm not gonna strip in front of you - are you serious?" Fifi says defending herself. But her son doesn't let up. He continues to yank on her dress, and she hurriedly tries to cover up. "Is this what happens in the champagne room?" he says agressively groping her. She desperately tries to tell him that she doesn't let anyone touch her, but he doesn't believe her. He degrades her, and then demands that she give him a striptease. When she says no, he threatens to tell Dad, and Fifi finally complies. She stands in front of him awkwardly, whining, and Jon is impatient. He pushes her top completely down, "Let's start there." He demands that she give him a lap dance, and after she gives him a half-assed one, he gropes her, and then throws her down on the couch. "Touch yourself," he commands her, but she tells him that they don't do that in the stripclub. Of course he doesn't care, and she is fo.rced to rub and finger her pussy in front of him. He pinches her nipples, insults her, and presses his fingers deep inside of her, fingering her until she cums. Rather than let up, he makes her cum again, and then throws her clothes at her. "Have a good time being a stripper're a good one. And maybe, if you make enough money, I won't tell Dad about it. And make me some lunch while you're at it," he tells her