Secret Agent Athlete's Foot - Part 1



American / West Coast
9:29 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 618.28 MB


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Secret Agent Taylor is in charge and responsible for this critical mission. There is NO room for error. Failure is not an option. He has a rookie partner (solo vid, just role-play) that he must help remain calm, focused and just let his training kick in. There is something taking away from Secret Agent Taylor’s focus though… that damn pesky athlete’s foot. Taylor grinds the heel of one foot in to the top of the other, tries to seek relief by rubbing his foot on the back of his leg, anything that may help. He finally has to take his business shoes off and just down right grind and itch away on his feet in to the carpeted floor. Taylor reaches down and itches with his fingers attempting to hit that “just right” spot. Clearly nothing is working to ease the itch, as Taylor progressively gets more and more irritated. Finally, the phone rings, it’s his partner, he is ready to go, but Taylor tells him he has to make a quick stop to pick something up first… To be continued