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Fort Lauderdale Lust with Lucky Anne

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It was a beautiful day in sunny Fort Lauderdale. I had just gotten a shower and thought I heard the TV or a movie playing. This chic named Lucky who I've had staying over had gotten back early and while I was showering she did some snooping and found my porn collection! An entire travel bag full of DVDs and tapes. She found my stash of porn and started watching them on the portable player I had for years! It still worked after all these years and looks like the videos are doing the trick for Lucky, she's really getting into it! At first I was kinda embarrassed, then I started to become more and more turned on with each inch I pushed the door open. Lucky continued to finger her pussy and play with herself. When she noticed me in the room watching her she ask if we could watch porn together. Absolutely! So I got into bed with with her anticipating her saliva dripping down my cock to my balls and yes, it felt as good or better than I had thought! Lucky sucked my cock so well I wanted to cum but kept holding back. She gave such a wet and sloppy blowjob, just like I enjoy them. Her mouth felt so warm and accepting of my cock, I was loving it while looking deep into her brown eyes! The strings of spit coming from her mouth to my cock almost made me explode! Nice sucking and some sensual mouth play and kissing the tip of my cock made me erupt in her mouth as my cum dripped down her lips. Looks like I got Lucky in Ft Lauderdale!

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