Mom on Phone Ignores Son 4 Cum on Nose

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1,307 5.0
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Clutch410 - Top reviewer Oct 2
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Another perfect vid from the fetish master! Brittany does such a great job with this vid! Her makeup is done perfectly and the dialogue is incredible. I have never been turned on by noses until now. This vid is spectacular!!! I hope Brittany makes more vids just like this. I’d love to see another one with all her different hairstyles and in different character roles. Brittany is in a league of her own when it comes to delivering for her fans.

A MILF is sitting in her room and is on the phone with a friend. In walks her son who is home visiting from college. She tells her friend he is always in her business and wanting all her attention. Just then he starts to get naked. She is shocked and even tells her friend, but decides to ignore him. He then walks over and puts his hard cock up her nose. Her nostril stretches and she does her best to keep ignoring him and talk to her friend. He continues to mess with his mom's nose with his cock but the taboo actions don't stop there. He starts to jerk off right next to his mom's face. She continues to talk to her friend and tells the friend what is going on. Her son tries with everything to get his mom's attention. At one point, he puts his balls on her nose. He then places his cock under his nose as if it were a mustache. She tells her friend she is not going to suck it or even touch it and that she is getting tired of his taboo antics. He then gets back to jerking off next to her face, but his pace gets a bit quicker. Suddenly, and without warning, he grabs her head as she is in mid-sentence and lets loose a big facial cumshot that streams right across the bridge of her nose. There is so much cum that it starts to drip and she chides him for his taboo actions. He then leaves and the stunned mom tells her friend that her own son just came all over her nose. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Mom and Son Fantasy, Nose Fetish, Ignore, Jerking Off, Cumshot, Facial, Cum on Nose, Cum on Face, CFNM, Blonde MILF, Blondes