Freebie Tuesday

Stop Groping Me

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A wild man appeared out of nowhere and is now touching my pale frail body with his dirty, perverted hands! I'm wearing my business clothes but he gradually stripped me off, despite my protests and is now groping my titties and fingers my little pussy! This is unacceptable! I asked him if this is an acceptable behavior where he lives but he doesn't speak, doesn't respond, he just uses me to fulfill his dirty fetishes! I didn't even have the occasion to see his face, he was wearing a hood and he was rubbing his erect cock against my ass and my skirt! Why is he doing this to me? I'm calling the cops, I'm gonna tell them to come quickly because a wildling appeared and he's in the mating season apparently, they must believe me and save me, right? He is rubbing my clit now and fingers my pussy, I keep crying for help but there's an amount of pleasure coming from within that I cannot ignore. Everything is biased, this is happening to me, you are watching it and I cannot ignore the pleasure, my body just responds to a strong stimulus and I even have an orgasm in the end! Who are you gonna believe now? Me, the poor girl who has an orgasm or the pervert who is doing this to me acting like everything is normal? Keywords: groping, fetish, groping-fetish, tit-groping, tit-fondling, tit-fetish, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, pervert, orgasm, imposed-orgasm, imposed-stripping, business-skirt, dry-humping, fingering