Freebie Tuesday

EscortGirl VS EscortGirl Lola VS Julie

580 5.0


Belgian / Bruxelles
580 5.0
29:52 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 1.53 GB - 1280x1080 HD

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Kayut69 Oct 7

Very hot!

Forville Oct 27 2017

Absolument magnifique... chaud et humide ... torride . J'en redemande . Il ne manque moi dans le casting mhhh
Absolutely beautiful ... hot and humid ... scorching. I ask for more. It does not miss me in the casting mhhh

zillis - Top reviewer Jan 5
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This movie feels so genuine it's like peeking to people's life. All so natural and beautiful and love in the ending true hugs and excitment.

Visiting Hungary, Julie wanted to meet the famous russian porn model Lola Taylor. So...why not booking her for a session? As Julie's team cameraman was there, the idea was to realise a little movie and let the girls doing what they want without preparation except the story of Julie paying Lola for a sex service....what was true! :) Watch the girls meeting and talking! see how Lola was a little bit shy! This movie made 3 years ago show us a Lola taylor more innocent and more shy! she admitted at the moment not doing lots of lesbian movies at first, but finaly, she agreed that she had good sensation making love to another girl! This movie, is completely recorded in a amateur style. Girls will lick each other, and will use glassdildo for fucking! listen 2 porn models talking and sharing with you this meeting