Don't Film My Face

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My brother recently bought a new camera, a DSLR and was just testing it when I entered the room. I always wanted such a camera for myself, because I wanna make my own photography page on facebook, but I never had the necessary amount of money to buy it. So I guess I'm just gonna ask my brother to lend it to me.... He will, but with one condition: he wants us to have sex, like usual, but this time he wants to film me! I thought deeply and agreed, but also with one condition: he may film my body, but not my face. I don't really trust him (we're kinda even, he thinks I'm gonna break the camera if he borrows it to me) and I think he might post the video on the internet when he have a fight, for example, these things happen between siblings and I don't want my dick-sucking face to be all over the internet. He said he only wants some jerk-off material and that he won't do such a thing, but I know my brother better than he even knows himself, he's a little perv! I played with my titties around the camera a bit and that was just enough for him to get his cock hard. I began by rubbing it, a good rubbing is like a warm long hug, eases the sexual tension and opens the way for more delights. I even sucked it for a while despite my strong belief he's actually filming my face, but he was filming my mouth and lips in extreme-close up. He asked if I wanna fuck, but that was really obvious: I always want to fuck my brother, the idea gets me wet instantly! My pussy was so wet... it was sliding on his cock, my natural juices were the best lube! To be honest it was a bit of everything: some HandJob action, then some Cock Sucking, HandJob again, after this I invited him between my titties, I just can't ignore his complete adulation towards my boobs. I came easily, in a minute or two of fucking (I was horny also) and then I concentrated on his pleasure, his will. I made him cum by rubbing his cock, faster and faster, squeezing it in my hand like a ripe fruit and he did not disappointed me, he squirted cum all over my boobs and neck like a ripe peach you squeeze too hard in your hand. I guess the camera is mine for an entire day! Yaay! Keywords: amateur, homemade, roleplay, taboo, sister, brother, blowjob, sucking, handjob, extreme-close-up, close-up, close-up-blowjob, fucking, doggystyle, orgasm, female-orgasm, titjob, cum-on-tits, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs. Disclaimer: In this video you won't see my face! I recently had a medical procedure done on my cheek and I can't wear any makeup until it heals up. Therefor, there will be some more clips (this one included) in the near future that I will be filming without showing my face! I hope to be able to show you my naughty smile real soon