I Thought I Was Alone

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I thought I was alone! Smoking my favorite Marlboro Long Cork Filtered cigarettes! Oh boy, was I wrong... I wasn't even remotely prepared for filming! No makeup on, no wig... just having a quiet smoke, deeply inhaling and savoring my strong Marlboroughs, but that sneaky bastard was filming me and now the video is here where everyone can watch it! Oh, what am I to do!?!... At least I was decent! I don't know what I would have done if you guys saw me naked... and smoking... with no makeup! Oh my god, this is a nightmare! Hehe, enjoy! Keywords: smoking, Marlborough, cork-filters, cigarette, smoke, ashtray, no-nudity, no-makeup, no-wig, real-me, spy-camera, unsuspecting, art-porn, classy, long drags, slow-exhales, hidden-camera