Teen Mom Sucks and Swallows Big Load

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
533 5.0
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DrVenture28 - Top reviewer Oct 26 2017
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Cute cute cute cute CUTE!... This girl is cute! She say's she did a DP, can't believe it, that butthole looks brand new. She did a great footjob but even better was your camera angles recording her giving the footjob.

Brandon Iron Oct 26 2017

Thank you for the feedback, DrBrule04, and I'm glad you enjoyed Madison's vid!  Cheers!  :)

Teen Mom Sucks and Swallows Big Load I met marvellous Madison when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She shows me her angel with wings tattoo on the back of her neck. 5'1" 85lbs. Madison got pregnant at 16 and became a mother. Her parents got divorced when she was in kindergarten. Was a competitive dancer and cheerleader. She's going to college and sought out porn for the fast money. First shoots were for Amateur Allure and she loved it. Fine with swallowing. Ultra petite 32-22-28. Dress size 00. She was a flyer as a cheerleader and has been dropped several times. Matching pink and black bra and panty set. Peels panties down. Size 5 feet with pink toenails. Bee sting boobies. Studying business with the goal of being a porn mogul in the future. Poses in doggy with a serious arch. Other jobs: cheer coach, waitress, teacher's assistant, and retail at a clothing store at Chandler Mall in Arizona. Madison claimed that she was so horny when she was pregnant, she got DPed for the first time. I'm granted rimming privileges and eat her ass like a starving hobo. A producer gave Madison her stage name. She wiggles her toes. I invite her to her knees and she sucks my cock. Good eye contact from a willing submissive. "Do all the girls tell you that you have a huge cock?" Mild facefucking. No-hands head plus tight-lipped deep throat. "The first time I ever swallowed cum or, like, tasted it, it was SO salty! It was crazy! I was like, "Oh, my gosh! I feel like I'm drinking sea water or something. Seriously, that's what I thought! This is not tasty at all! I don't know why people think this is so amazing. I mean, it definitely looks really hot on pictures and videos, but it doesn't always taste that good. Definitely, different guys have different tastes, I've noticed, so it's kind of cool to see what different people taste like." She gives a foot job. "I'm so cute, you should just cum! I want your cum in my tight, cute, little mouth! Please with a cherry and sugar and whipped cream and sprinkles!" More sucking. I dump a hot load in her mouth and she feeds on it. Big gulp swallow