Dancing On Spice Girls

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I noticed that a lot of people (of a certain age :))) like and are attracted by the soft sensuality and appearance of the Spice Girls! I know they were seriously trending in the late 90's and they were considered the hot piece of the moment, everybody was listening to their music and (probably) jacking off thinking of their perfect bodies... I know what you'll think: that I'm too young to know these things and probably I am but I like to be well informed about all tendencies and fashion and, most importantly what was considered sexy in the past and how exactly evolved this trend. Actually my BF is one of the guys that were masturbating fiercely to the Spice Girls band back in the 90's! He suggested that I could make a bouncing boobs video on their music because there are a lot of people who are gonna love it (I hope). I danced and bounced my tits on "Spice Up Your Life" first and then I continued on "Stop!" also by Spice Girls. You'll watch me dancing on a white background and you'll see with your own eyes how disobedient are my tits :)) They jump in every direction, slapping my chest because they're so big and heavy. I did not like my tits in the past, I wanted small ones, but seeing how much attention they got, my Beloved Bodacious Boobs I started to love and admire them in the mirror with every occasion I get. They're round and soft and I like when somebody squeezes them tight, I like showing them to get attention and appreciation. I might say that my boobs are my greatest asset! >;)) Keywords: boob-bouncing, bouncing-boobs, dancing, jumping, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, spice-girls, fetish, tit-fetish, tit-worship, tit-play, music, topless, no-wig, real-hair, colors-of-the-world