Smoking and Touching

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I recently discovered that smoking videos turn out more 'artsy' and the smoke is really spectacular if I don't use excessive lighting like I usually do... I prefer a more darker environment instead, an environment where you can observe the long tulle of smoke I exhale, the smoke that's in the air like a light fog and all the shadows on my skin that make the video look like a film-noir, the secret being low-key lighting! I smoke Marlboro Reds, because I prefer the cork filter, it's more permeable than a normal filter, it permits the smoke to enter my lungs more freely, and that's exactly what I want when smoking a cigarette, if half of the flavor and strength are blocked by the filter the feeling after is of slight disappointment. As you can see I'm also touching myself during the video, I was a little bit horny, and hell, I think I'm attracted to myself, when I find myself naked I always play with my boobs and pussy. Do you want to play with them too? Or just to watch... :D Keywords: smoking, cigarette, Marlborough, cork-filter, long-cigarettes, long-inhales, slow-exhales, match-lighting, match-play, smoke-play, cigarette-smoke, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, naked, nude, touching, fingering, light-touching, masturbating, ashtray, ignoring