Freebie Tuesday

The Masked Sucker

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I recently began to feel more comfortable about showing my face in my videos. I usually use make-up to cover my facial features but in this video I chose to wear a lace mask that covers the top of my face. You'll be able to see my eyes, my beautiful mouth and my real hair: I wear a ponytail in this video, guys just love ponytails :)) (I know this is a inverted stereotype like "bitches love....dunno, name it";). I feel more relaxed to show a little, I know my fans crave to see my real hair and face and I learned to listen to people: if this is what they want who am I to deny it to them? I wear a white corset (not very visible, as I lay on my belly, I know...) which pushes up my Bodacious Boobs and offers a very good sight. I became horny immediately and I know that I give the best head when I'm myself horny and thirsty for a cock! I Sucked it with passion, using, of course, my famed DeepThoart skills, jacked it and then sucked it again. It's so nice to wet it all with my warm saliva and then rub it, no need to use lube, after I DeepThoat it a few times it becomes soaky and I end up with saliva leaking on my chin :)) He finds this sexy and his cock becomes stiff, watching me sucking his cock so determined, wanting more and more. Eventually he is ready to cum, but it is not time yet, I wanna play with you more, boy! I'm gonna edge your orgasm so hard you will feel it like a paintball bullet hit you from nowhere and splashed you with colors! I like to play with his cock like a smart cat with an unsuspecting mouse, making him think I'll let him cum, then I stop, just to start again faster and harder. For all this little torment I finally made him cum all over my face, facials being one of his weak spots, he just adores my innocent face full of cum. I hope you will adore it too! Keywords: blowjob, deepthroat, handjob, pony-tail, real-hair, no-wig, mask-fetish, lace-mask, corset, cleavage, big-tits, big-natural-tits, sucking, messy-blowjob, POV, facial, edging, orgasm-control