Neon Oil Halloween Special


Penny Plush

American / Caprica City
10:00 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 568.74 MB


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So, It's the night of magic and mystery. The moon is full. I am horny. Nothing is sexier than Glitter. Add to that luminescence and you've got the ingredients for one hell of a show... Tonight Duckie is summoning a Glitter Demon. With her favorite item, a vibrating gold duck, a special candle, and four handmade potions using recipes passed down from generations of Glitter Witches, She's gonna get a nice fat cock tonight. She's offering as a gift to the demon her Giant, Natural, FF breasts. She takes each potion and pours it over her tits, letting the oil and glitter and magic glow and flow over her body, rubbing it in, getting herself all riled up in the process. After being completely covered in the four colors of magic, the special candle is ready, and she slowly drips the wax upon her chest, letting it drip down her boobs. Will the demon give this thirsty little forest witch her wish