Brother Learns Useful Tricks

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We gotta have a talk you and I, a talk between brother and sister. I'm the older one and you should listen to my advice, I promise it will be really useful and not boring at all. All set? Ok, here we go: I see you're becoming an adult and there are changes that require some discussion. I noticed your interest in porn magazines especially old ones, I've took a glance through them and I found them kinda artsy and interesting. I somehow have the feeling you use them only to look at the pictures without jacking off and even though they cause sexual excitement, you have no idea how to deal with the feeling. That's why I'm here willing to share with you some knowledge you surely will be thankful about in the aftermath. I speak about masturbation, which is not a sin or whatever Mom told you (or maybe she did not mention it at all, we know Mom avoids sensitive subjects). In fact it is a real pleasure and your hand is gonna be your best friend through life, buddy! You will not always have a girlfriend to have sexy-time with, or to give you blowjobs (which are the best thing out there so far) so, most of the time you'll have to solve the issue by yourself. That's why we're having this "weird" discussion, I wanna be sure that you are comfortable with me and you perfectly understand what you have to do to satisfy yourself. I'm gonna explain it all to you, there is no simpler thing in the world, you just need some privacy, your hand, some lube and you're gonna have the best fun without needing anyone to take care of your needs. By teaching you how to masturbate I'm gonna make you free and independent, as every true man in this world needs to be. Use that hand and let's make you independent, once for all! Keywords: masturbation-instructions, jerk-off-instructions, JOI, jerk-off-encouragement, taboo, taboo-instructions, sister-instructions, sister, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, glasses, striping, fingering, roleplay, nerdy, nerdy-sister