Noir Dame Smoking

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There's a little story behind this Classy Clip! I was promoting my previous Smoking Show ("Smoking And Touching";) on twitter and I got a tweet reply from someone telling me I kinda look like Eva Green in Sin City: A Dame To For... Of course I was extremely flattered, I absolutely love Eva Green! It also gave me the idea to produce a series of Noir Style Smoking Fetish clips to further explore this Fetish! This is my first try! Lying down on a dark couch, naked except for a pair of Black Fishnet Stockings I smoke my favorite Marlborough Long, Cork Filtered Cigarette... Deeply inhaling and blowing long and slow puffs of white smoke in the shadows of the black & white surroundings, doing it all to the slow hums of classy jazz music. It is my first try and I endeavored to stay as true to the concept as possible but stay tuned for more Noir Smoking soon! Keywords: smoking, cigarette, smoke, Marlborough, long-cigarette, cork-filter, long-drags, slow-exhales, low-lighting, noir, classy, sin-city, Eva-Green, black&white, dark, shadows, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, fetish, noir-fetish, vintage, noir-smoking, noir-dame
Amedee Vause
East Pole
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