Overinflating And Popping Balloon Fun

207 5.0

Elouise Please

British / UK
207 5.0
27:48 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 1.41 GB - 960x360


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ben91e - Top reviewer Dec 31 2017
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Perfect as always!

maluneri - Top reviewer Nov 14 2017
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Stunningly beautiful girl, dressed extremely sexy. Love how she casually chats while blowing.
Each balloon get huge and really tight. There are pops, a lot of them, so hold your ears.
She ends up with a bunch of balloons she pops with her butt or feet, all while giggling.
Cute, sexy and great clip, highly recommended to other looners.

I have 12 balloons to play with, which I blow up one by one, making them HUGE and very overinflated! I make myself lightheaded and out of breath as I puff them up with my mouth. Each balloon comes to a sticky end and is popped in various different ways. Some burst in my mouth from overinflation before I even get the chance to put them under the pressure of my feet and butt. I use the balls of my bare feet to put lots of pressure on some of them until they give way and pop under my feet. Filmed in very high quality, with superior audio to match. Watch as I have lots of fun with my 12 balloons in different positions and angles, with lots of close up shots too