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Magic Controlled By Stranger

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I was home alone (or so I thought) talking over the phone to a good friend of mine, when this dubious stranger appeared - I think he broke into my house - and did something to me... I don't exactly know what he did, something like magic or sorcery, I guess. It was like I turned into a puppet controlled by his evil will! I was unable to move my limbs, like I was suddenly paralyzed and apparently I was instantly bound to his will. This never happened to me before, I thought I was dreaming or something, because it felt a lot like that feeling in a dream when you can't move or do anything and you are just a passive spectator. I was mad, amazed and frightened at the very same time! He made me strip and fondled my boobs and touched me in some very inappropriate ways, without my consent, which made me very angry indeed. He took advantage of my body by staring at me and playing with my Bare Boobs and (even worse!) my pussy! He made me touch his filthy package through his jeans and this almost made me puke! I was outraged that something this unpleasant and shameful could happen to me in my own house! He started to rub my clitoris but my protests did not cancel the things everyone feels when they have their pussy rubbed. I felt pleasure and I'm still angry that I let myself feel that! Even worse, he rubbed it until I had an orgasm, a real orgasm with a stranger who broke into my home! I cannot remember the scene without being mad at myself, but my excuse is that I couldn't do a thing, I was under a very strong spell and I had no idea how to deal with this magic control! Keywords: damsel-in-distress, imposed-stripping, imposed-orgasm, imposed-submission, fetish, magic-control, magic, fondling, groping, tit-groping, tit-dropping, tit-play, imposed-masturbation, role play, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, fingering, garter, stockings