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It's not a big secret I do videochat. My brother knew this ever since I began doing it and approved of my decision. We haven't discussed a lot about this issue, it's my own life and I can do whatever I want with it! But today, he approached me just before going to the studio, asking me to instruct him in how to masturbate! I explained to him what's the deal with videochat and why I like it: because it's safe, you don't have to have physical contact with anyone beside the other girls that work there and I told him briefly what kinds of things I do there for my clients: fingering myself, play with dildos, sexy dancing, bouncing my boobs and sometimes just chatting because there are a lot of lonely men out there who just want to talk about their life and problems, and I'm there to help. But you're my brother, not an ordinary client and it's gonna be hard for me to instruct you since we're related and stuff... it's a lot much easier with unknown persons. You insist, but I'm in a real hurry, I only have 30 minutes to get there, I'm still home and I bet the traffic will slow me down, because is rush hour. In addition, I thought you knew how to masturbate, without my help. Oh, you wanna explore the concept of Masturbation Instructions?... Somebody, a girl, tells you what to do, every single move and last but not least, strips for you and offers you a nice view of those big titties. I understand you bro, but you kinda chose an inappropriate moment to ask, I'm in a serious hurry. But because you're my beloved brother I'm gonna make an exception and give you step-by-step instructions, but it will happen quickly, not because I don't have patience for you, but because I have to be punctual, or... else! Keywords: masturbation-instructions, jerk-off instructions, jerk-off-encouragement, JOI, taboo, sister, sister-instructions, tight-skirt, fishnets, transparent-blouse, topless, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, curly-hair, stripping