The Woman In Red

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Welcome to the next installment of my Noir Smoking Series! This time I decided to try out the famous "Sin City" black&white plus one color - in this case my Red Dress! It's my first attempt with this visual effect and I really hope you'll enjoy it! You'll see a Beautiful Me clad in a long red dress perfectly matched with a red choker and elegantly smoking a cigarette. I am a heavy smoker, I usually smoke one to two packs per day, I don't really care about health warnings when it's about a pleasure of mine. I want the best for myself even if I fill my lungs with smoke and black tar all day long, I literally extinguish a cigarette to light up another a few moments later. I use matches to light my cigarettes because I consider them vintage and the absolute emblem of a Classy Lady. The video is especially gloomy to highlight the smoke. You guessed right, the idea of the video and the title are a reference to the Matrix movie. But wait, there's more than just smoking and laying on the couch, I slowly strip and you'll soon see my Big Boobs which were kinda hidden by the Red Dress. I understand a dress is beautiful and elegant, but we're doing porn here, people :)) I look into your eyes and play with the smoke. There are elegant long exhales which look like thin smoke columns, I drag the smoke in the chest and then I let it out slowly, artistically. This video features my real appearance, with just a little make-up and my natural hair, without props and wigs. So this video is an excellent chance for you to break into my intimacy and to see my real look, my real smoking habits, it's just like you watch me though my house windows. Take advantage of it! Keywords: smoking, noir, smoking-fetish, noir-fetish, cigarette, Marlborough, cork-filter, long-exhales, red-dress, Sin-City, black-and-white, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, stripping, topless, topless-smoking, real-hair, dark, low-lighting, classy, vintage, match-lighting, shadows