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ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer Mar 12
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Continuing the story from "Another You" Emma wakes and researches what she just dreamed. She figures out how to call the demon and tries it. This is where it becomes a way to show off her ass and fuck herself with a really big dildo. This is a really exciting anal masturbation video and Emma has a great, loud time.

frette Oct 28 2017
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I have never been this eager for part 3 as I am right now, Emma is the best and makes more quality in one of her vids than any produced same old same old, this is... wow

interlude): "Emma wakes up from the nightmare that was (Another You) and immediately begins her search for the mysterious shadow person. She finds a poem to summon xem, and begins the (Ceremony). //// (Ceremony): "At the foot of her bed, Emma drops rose petals on the floor and visualizes her demon. She lights a single candle and recites the conjuring spell, but not before filling her ass with her fingers. In a failed attempt at a flesh sacrifice, she finishes the spell by fucking herself as hard as she can and reciting the poem. The lights flicker