The IT Girl


Goddess Lanie

American / Lanie Land
12:51 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 280.16 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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You're at a house costume party for Halloween scoping out what woman you want to take home. You see a sexy girl dressed presumably as "IT" in a clown costume. Her ass is amazing and she makes being a clown look sexy! It's your goal to have your way with her. Little did you know she'd scoped you out as well. You're both in a room alone. she begins to tease you as you sit in a chair. "What were you hoping to get from me tonight? To kiss my plump red lips? My ass? My tits?" She teases more playing hard to get. Of course that's what you want! She tells you to take your dick out and stroke it. "It turns me on SO much to watch men stroke their cocks. Mmm and it seems like yours is amazing!" You begin to stroke for her. She gives you some jerking instruction then comes closer to lube it up with her spit. You begin to stroke with her spit when you start feeling some strange tingling. Your dick is harder than ever! Like it's frozen or something... She begins to explain what's happening. You never could have guessed! She supposedly has some kind of power within her body and it's completely taken control of you. The only anecdote is for her pussy to ride you. Not just her spit is powerful, but her cum too. But there's a twist in that too! It seems you've picked the wrong girl at the party because this could be it for you. This could be your last party. ***Not giving away everything! You'll have to see how you meet your demise with the IT girl