Ass Eating Toilet Slavery & Humiliation



American / Canada
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I used to guys liking my ass but you take it to a whole other level don't you? You are such a disgusting pervert....wanting my ass as dirty and filthy as I can get it. Wanting me to squat down on your face so you can breath in my musky smell. Seeing as you're getting excited over my dirty butt hole I bet you would like it if we took it a step further, wouldn't you? Shall I make your day and release a nice big log on your that what you desire? You are so gross! I can't believe you want me to do number 2 on your vile! You will make a good toilet slave though, I can see how turned on it makes you already. I'm going to allow you to take long deep sniffs of my ass so come here and get that head of your deep into my crack