Ebony Super Babe Scrunching Her Soles



American / Las Vegas
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Mocha is the hottest black girl on my site so far. When she stepped out of her car in this outfit my cock went berserk. I talked her into coming into my studio so I can maybe get a chance to see the bottom of this fashion model's feet. I acted like it was a shoe interview and somehow got her to take her heel's off. The color contrast between her mocha brown skin and light soles made it hard for me not to jack off right in front of her. Her pretty face and the way she spreads her toes and scrunches her feet back and forth will make your dick turn to diamond. I took the table away and had her lift her feet in the air. You get a good look at the amazing body of this chick in her leggings. I had to see that ass so I had her sit backwards in the chair and let her feet dangle. Seriously, this girl's body, feet, and pretty face combination is a must see. She was so willing to help me out with the vid, little did she know that she would be barefoot with her ankles high in the air by the end of it