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Sexy but light afternoon pump - SD 480p



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SD 480p 30fps video - Not all pumping has to be intense morning sessions, pulling out the massive ounces. Sometimes it's nice just to do a simple afternoon pump, get a letdown, get a nice release. I start off this pumping video wearing my sexy purple lingerie after having participated in a fun milk session with my hubby. I was pretty sure I had more sweet creamy goodness locked away in my mammoth milky tits so I decided to film this special sexy afternoon pumping session. I pop my large swollen nipples out from my top and begin to pump. Right away you can see sweet tiny droplets start to collect and the gentle jiggle in my breasts as the pump works it's magic. After about 3 minutes I get my letdown and you can hear the trademark hiss of my magnificent milk sprays hitting the plastic and watch the milk gush into the bottles. After pumping for 5 minutes my letdown is complete and I show off my swollen nipples and pumping rings before displaying exactly how much milk I managed to get. I'm always surprised by how much I can pump even after I play ;) keywords: breast pump front view huge boobs let down lingerie milk nipple pop wet sounds