The Succubus' Den

1,566 4.8


1,566 4.8
9:39 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 680.39 MB


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Great scene. Camera manages to lend itself well to the oneiric atmosphere they were going for, as does the lighting. Charlie makes for an absolutely gorgeous succubus and, there's no other way of saying this, has the best dick-sucking face. Also their tongue is the sexiest thing in this, fuck. Dialogue and structure is good. If I had to nitpick, it'd be that the transition text is a bit clunky, but overall it's amazing work.

gorgeous lena paul - Top reviewer Jan 6
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Before watching this video, Google Succubus if you haven't heard of it before. Just the idea and the acting out of this video from Charlie got me hard let alone the naughty things that happen during the entire video! It was so hot watching the creampie as it took the weary traveler just a couple of seconds until he told succubus Charlie, "I'm Cumming!" as Charlie pants and starting breathing heavily like the horny succubus she is. Just absolutely worth the buy, enjoyed every second of it. Can't wait for the return of Succubus Charlie!

Thr33Dee Dec 21
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A great video not only with a great concept but excellent action. Charlie does a great job as a succubus by being both seductive and intimidating. Also they're extremely hot as well. Highly recommended!

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very good scene. a little blurry but still good.

In this Halloween special, salacious succubus Charlie lures a hapless traveler into their den... Where they suck and fuck him dry!!! The Succubus greedily swallows 7" cock for 5 minutes before The Traveler can't hold his libido back anymore. The Succubus, not wanting to let a delicious drop go to waste, welcomes him into their immaculate pussy. It doesn't take long before The Traveler has filled the Succubus, pulling out and letting it ooze down their succulent butthole. Surely this doesn't quell The Succubus' appetite, as they lure more cum from the weary traveler with their mouth, the Traveler leaving thick generous globs all over their soft plump body! Enjoy all the action from a POV view