v254 Trying on Thong In Yoga Pants

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American / NC
650 5.0
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tactical - Top reviewer Jan 27
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She has a pretty decent resolution camera, and the lighting is good, so you can actually make out how legit her thongs and tights look on her.

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So fucking hot... she has the perfect body and is incredibly seductive

Shot in HD with Canon EOS 80D - I am about to go meet my friend at the gym but just can't decide which thong to wear under my yoga pants. It seems like every thong I try on I just feel like I look like a whore because you can see the thong lines under my yoga pants!! Finally I figure I should just go with the safe bet and wear no panties under my yoga pants and go to the gym!! The whole video I just try on different thongs. Taking my yoga pants and a different thong on and off each time and showing off my ass