420 Cum with Buttplug and Vibe

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American / California
2,908 5.0
11:36 min - Oct 21 - .M4V - 294.85 MB - 1280x720 HD


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QE2yLe6a - Top reviewer Jul 11
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Fingering, tokes, self-pleasuring, and a plug and a vibe! What more could you ask for? How about a sweetly beautiful, super sensual woman offering herself for over 11 minutes in this incredible video performance.

SDraco2 Jun 3
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This is one of Alice's most sensuous videos, probably aided by 420 at the beginning. Absolutely hot!

corran73 deleted Apr 19
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Very cute love the way she talks not a lot but great.

Thorshammer211269 - Top reviewer Nov 7 2017
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Alice is a very sexy young woman and i think is a star on the rise.Watching her masturbate was very hot! I highly recommend this vid because she is smoking hot and she has a sexy body.I would also like to say she's a very sweet girl.

I take a few tokes from my pipe and blow them right at you, then proceed to pleasure myself first with my fingers slipping into my panties... then moving on to inserting a plug while fingering. I take my little vibe and finish the job