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Bath Sex with a Co-worker WETLOOK

1,499 5.0


1,499 5.0
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oh my... that feetsoles and toes in sheer nylons...

Disastroid Nov 19 2017
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I've never totally been into this kind of thing before, but damn am I into this vid.

You are on a business trip with Smiley and you have separate hotels rooms. Smiley accidentally walks into the wrong hotel mistaking it for hers. She walks into the bathroom and finds you in the tub. At first she was embarrassed but after she sees your reflection in the mirror, she get curious. You are bathing in your clothes and socks and had no idea anyone would ever see you like this, but you are happy she did. You and Smiley have a bit of a history with each other and are more than comfortable with another. You ask her to get in and join her. Smiley has had a long day of meetings and a hot bath sounds amazing to her. She gets in one heel at a time. You convince her to get all the way in and get her whole outfit wet. When she sits down and props her feet up, you reach over and grab her foot. She moans as you massage her feet through her stockings. You tell her to lay back and get comfortable so she takes off her blazer and unbuttons her shirt. You reach out and pull down her bra, reveling her perky wet tits. You play and pinch her tits and nipples . Smiley notices your boner poking through your jeans and decides to unzip your pants. She takes you out and starts jacking you off. Once you are nice and hard she pulls up her skirt and climbs on top of your cock. You grab and play with her tits as she rides you. Her tits look amazing wet and bouncing in your face. After she cums, she pulls you out, bends over and rubs her wet ass against you. The sound of you slapping her ass echos loudly in the room. Eventually you can't take it anymore and you jack off and blow a huge load all over Smiley business skirt while she is bending over
Foot frenzies
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