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Story starts with Emily's bf screwing up their trip by leaving her suitcase at the station. While he is away Emily is being noticed with her ex bf Mike, who is now dating someone also. 1. I decide to have some fun with my BBC bf teasing him with sexy lingerie (thanks God I left in my small bag :p) in room with a cozy fireplace but when I realize he didn't find my suitcase with all sexy stuff in there I am getting mad! Well , still aroused and ready for fun I make him to say sorry using his tongue just right. 2. After we are done I am ready to take a bath when I hear someone trying to get into the bathroom (through the window! Crazy! ). Guess who? OFC MY EX! And Guess why? huh! ofc bc his new blond girl doesn't satisfy him :p ! So there lots of teasing him and let my ex to fuck my ass ( SO MISSED IT!) until I orgasm. I taste myself but that's all, if he didn't cum that's not my problem haha and seems his silly blonde girl is calling for him? Bye... 3. Will we survive until dawn? I am being caught by a psycho! He tied me up and used the wine bottle in my ass, used my feet and my boobs for his sick pleasure!

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moerti @moertiJan 26
You have the most delicious looking asshole!
freelolpotato @freelolpotatoJan 25
What to do after voting?
jeeppo @jeeppoJan 24
hi Aiko. I voted $25 to get this clip. Should I do something else?
Elroy1810 @Elroy1810Jan 19
Aiko has done it again. Another masterclass in sexiness, presented in three parts. Looking absolutely stunning, with her ripe breasts and juicy holes, the vid plays out three scenes fantastically. Excellent.