Sadistic Chastity Key Hiding Game


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
6:40 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 548.69 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Poor boy locked up in chastity. Want to play Our sexy game? We've got the keys to your cage. Do you want to get a boner? Doesn't it hurt so bad to get hard? Doesn't your cock just ache & strain against the cage? Sarah & Salem tease you with this set of keys, leading you up the street like a little puppy! Come here doggy, you want your weenie out? Sarah slides the keys between Her tits while We laugh at you, lecturing you. We lead you up the cage then stand over you, dangling the keys. Worm! We make your cock strain against its cage. Bark, oink, beg! On your knees! Do you want to be let out? BEG US! We love to hear a man beg. We completely overwhelm you with Our teasing Standing above you, humiliating you taunting you belittling you.... We get your cock so hard it almost breaks its cage AND THEN throw your key into a special cage of its own! Hidden in an alley for you to come find! FINALLY YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. Come to new Orleans & look for this key. This is a scavenger hunt. There's a twist at the end. We dare you to play Our game & beg Us. Beg, cry, sweat... it turns Us on your agony is Our orgasm!!! Fetch, boy, fetch! We have so many plans for your chastity keys loser...find out... Find US... (Clip features Sarah DiAvola & features: chastity, orgasm denial, mind fuck, tit worship, humiliation, bratty goddess, femdom pov, keys, key-holding, games, tease & denial, loser humiliation, double domme, cock tease, puppy play, femdom goddess, brat girls, chastity keys, slave task, insulting, laughing, teasing