Demon makes you worship


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
8:35 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 192.28 MB


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Clip is 8 Mins and 35 Seconds. No talking. CLIP INCLUDES: -SMOKING -POV -POV IS ASHTRAY FOR THE DEMON -PALE -GOTHIC -FOOT FETISH -DIRTY FEET -TEASE AND DENIAL -DEMON GIRL -FEMDOM -ALIENS AND MONSTERS -DEMON HORNS -POV is dizzy and confused -SOLES -WRINKLED SOLES -POV FOOT WORSHIP -BOOB GRABBING (This clip is filmed with POVs view only being clear when the demon girl gets close to him with her FEET and SMOKING/SMOKE) pov (YOU) wakes up and the devil has you bound, your dizzy and can't see Straight but she's lighting a clove with a match (Your kryptonite!!! Did she know?) and she starts smoking and putting her ash out on you. In between drags she teases and taunts you with her feet. Your not seeing too clearly until she puts her feet in your face and the smoke in your face. Last night is slowly coming back to you. She drugg**ed you and now your HELPLESS watching her tease you with her PRETTY feet in her SATIN RED CAMISOLE and SHORTS showing off her FEET and teasing you with her CLOVE shes smoking! She pulls out her TITS and puts them in your face also. This demons got you steamin