Nurse in Wrist Watch Imposed Male Orgasm

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271 4.0
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Nice! The teasing with the watch & especially when it touches his cock was amazing. 5 stars would have been given for cumming on the watch itself. Otherwise, fantastic... more please!

A sexy nurse is in a hospital room and her patient is on the bed. She tells him she is going to keep him for awhile and she wants to get a sperm sample from him. He keeps looking at her wrist watch and she is pleased as it will give him something to concentrate on since he does not seem to want to cooperate with the sperm sample. She gets up on the bed and holds a medical mask over his face in his POV. She now has him where she wants him and he has no choice but to allow her to get the sperm sample in a manual manner. She starts to stroke his cock giving him a handjob and is determined to get that sperm sample now by way of imposed male orgasm. She continues to talk to him and as he starts to rouse out of his being all but out, she simply puts the mask back on him for a moment. She then uses the wrist watch and rubs it all over his cock. She knows he has to like that and she continues on with talking about how she will get his sperm sample one way or another. She switches hands on and off, sometimes stroking with the hand that has on the sexy wrist watch. She feels his balls and remarks that they are getting fat. She then intensifies her efforts with the handjob. Soon she is holding out the hand that has the wrist watch on it and getting the imposed male orgasm she was after. He cums a lot in her hand and she milks every last drop out. He then starts to come around one last time and she put the mask back on him once more. This time she wants him to rest. She will keep him as long as she wants and is so happy that she got the sperm sample she was after and will likely be back for more later. Included in this clip: Imposed Male Orgasm, Wrist Watch Fetish, FMO, CMO, Nurse Play, Nurse Fetish, Milking Cock, POV, Rubber Boots, Handjob, Cumshot, Cum in Hand, Uniforms, Blonde Nurse, Blondes