1st custom vid

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14,672 4.7
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This video is perfect.

The audio is off by half a second, but it can be corrected in VLC. Go to Preferences->Audio. Then press Show All. Select Audio. Set Audio desynchronization compensation to 500. Then open the video. There may be a hotkey for this, but I couldn't figure it out on a Mac.

I love how playful and natural the video feels. Every single position looked amazing. I really like seeing her face in almost every shot. The name moaning was so hot (assuming it's the video requester's). I would love to see more videos like this with your new HD camera! The bloopers section is hilarious.

Pornhub is fine, but I watch manyvids and cam girls for personality and Kitten shines!

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So this is fantastic. Honestly the part at the end where she's cleaning up and being awkward and natural is just so sexy.

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Sexy video. I would have liked one or two more positions, slightly brighter lighting, and higher def, but super hot nonetheless.

This is the first custom video I’ve made, it includes facial, cowgirl, missionary and a blow job. Slight audio delay , idk why. But I’m sorry