The Bride of Frankenstein



German / From Hell
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Vote in the Trick or Treat Contest and get this vid!*** Mina Demonic presents: The Bride of Frankenstein After Dr. Frankenstein has created the monster it soon demanded a mate...but the naughty creation of it's bride is even more fearful then the monster itself! Lean back, put your pants down and watch as Frankenstein's bride slowly awakes from her naughty creation process. You will have a prickling feel on your cock the moment when the bride opens up her eyes for the first time! Enjoy the lustful blowjob of the big cock she sucks for the very first time and how her sweet pussy rides her first dick until a nice cumshot hits her beautiful pale face and the cum is dripping down her sinful lips. Even it is her first sperm covered face she immediately starts exloring the taste of cum on her lips and fingers. HALLOWEEN | COSPLAY | COSTUME | BLOWJOB | SLOPPY | POV | COWGIRL | RIDING | BBW | CHUBBY | BIG TITS | BIG ASS | FACIAL | CUM PLAY | HORROR | SPOOKY | GOTHIC To the lovely person who had the idea for this super cool custom video: Thank you so much! I had so much fun and I was so in love with your idea =D
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