Showering with Pantyhose

61 5.0

Nikki Holland

French / Holland
61 5.0
6:48 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 219.79 MB - 1280x720 HD


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fina17 Aug 14

more in pantyhose please, love you !

mecho11 - Top reviewer Nov 4 2017
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Lovely Nikki looks very appealing in black translucent pantyhose! Her pussy rub quickly shifts into eager masturbation as she rips her pantyhose providing better finger access for her and views for us. Nikki ORGASMS with enthusiasm and her passionate facial expressions clearly reveal her ecstasy! She makes cute little whimpers and moans as she cums and her vocalizations are quite endearing!
This clear resolution video is shot from a good stable tripod. Shower scenes are sometimes spoiled by lens steaming, but not here! When the lens momentarily begins to fog, a quick fix is accomplished with zoom in/zoom out covered by a lap dissolve. Very slick way to clean the lens and quickly return to a fog free shot. Framing is full body and includes Nikki's face throughout. Excellent orgasmic action from the hottest gal in Holland! Well done.

I’m taking a shower while still wearing my black pantyhose. When i’m all wet, i start to tear my pantyhose into little pieces. I’m getting really horny and start to masturbate untill i come
Christmas Tease
Nikki Holland
French / Holland
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