A Mother's Lust

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A Mother's Lust Starring Tammie Madison It's the middle of the night and you've been in bed for some time before you feel your mom's hands slide up your thigh. "Honey! Honey! ... Sorry for disturbing you, it's just, well, I couldn't settle down for the night. You see, these feelings I have for you, well, they've grown so strong that I cannot fight them anymore. I have to have you." Your mom stares into your eyes as she whispers into your ear. "Come on baby, come out from under those covers, or else I shall come in and get you. Is that what you want?" Mom pulls back the covers and climbs between your legs. She begins stroking your cock as she confesses her deepest, darkest desires. She wants you, only you, and she wants all of you. Don't you want the same? How can you resist as you watch your mom strip out of her satin lingerie? The way she squeezes her breasts together and reassures you, "It's alright baby. I know you want this as badly as I do." Mom crawls onto the bed and straddles your stiff cock. As she lowers herself onto you, you feel her wetness for the first time. It is heaven! Your mom rocks her hips back and forth in a slow and sensual rhythm, building you up and keeping you on edge. "I want to feel all of you darling. I will keep going, orgasm after orgasm until you are ready to explode. I want to feel you cum deep inside of me. Will you do that for me baby?&quot