1st Lesson That Accidentally Changes You

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I Am A True Smoking, Knowledgeable, Fun, Silly, Strong, Bossed Up Goddess.... Here I Accidentally, again, came across 2+ videos and/or parts of / parts [that would have been] added to a regular Smoking Lesson... Well, it's ME... NOTHiNG iS "REGULAR" ... iT'S ALL FUCKiNG FABULOUS AND YOU GET TO BE APART, WATCH, LEARN, ABSORB, MESSAGE & TRiBUTE AND START YOUR LiFE!!! :: YOUR LiFE WiLL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! :: The "Smoking Lesson" STARTED as "How To Mickey Mouse A Cigarette" AKA How To Fix One... iN NUMEROUS WAYS, WHiCH... BUT, Once Again, iT'S ME And YOU'LL SEE!!! ;)! ...YOUR LiFE iS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER!!! And THAT was Accidental Too!!! ...Must Be My Goddess Skills