Ear Wax - Little Mina & Anabelle Pync

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AnabellePync at g m a i l dot com <BR><BR> I (Anabelle Pync went to the Doctor (Little Mina) for an ear infection. She has me put my hair up and stick my tongue out. Saying Ahhhh, she presses so hard with a wooden depressor that my eyes water. <BR><BR> Grabbing candles, she preps a paper plate and has me lay on my side, explaining how the candle sucks the moisture out of the ear. <BR><BR> I look on in confusion and fear, but start smiling as I feel the fizzing and bubbling. It's doing its job because it's burning very slowly. As the ashes form, Mina trims the tip and the fire blazes. She takes the candle out and cuts the inside so we can inspect all of the wax that was sucked out. Unpeeling slowly, it shows the waxy buildup, but I can't believe that the heat sucked so much out. <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS-ear wax, candle fetish, fire fetish, cosplay, costumes, short shorts, skimpy shirts, midriff shirt, Asian, blondes, glasses, eyeglasses, Annabelle Pync, @AnabellePync, all natural