CUSTOM: Chic Cheeks



Nigerian / Candyland
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HD - I'm looking too saucy for words in this blush-flavored clip. In these mauve tights I build your dreams and bend your dick as I bend it over. Moaning and looking back at you with the beautiful brown eyes, I bounce these gorgeous brown cheeks. The stitching on these tights is super flattering on this petite bubble butt of mine. This mean arch in my back has you biting your lip with every stroke, hoping not to nut too quickly. This erotic Nigerian site gives you moans of lust all you gotta do is keep your hand on your dick and follow some very strict yet kinky instruction. It's important to Honey that you not neglect your balls, simultaneous wrist action is key.    Peeling out of these tights to reveal my supple cakes is only making you rock up even more but it's my clapping that will have you deflated in no time. Smacking, and clapping before I even get these tights all the way down. I sprawl out in doggy-style moaning and spreading my cheeks. You drippin' yet? Popping each cheek left to right, you should be beating that dick at a faster pace by now. More booty clapping in the standing position continues until I think you've earned yourself some winking. Lots of ass spreading persists in doggystle And standing position, this wicked tight button of mine causing a stir for you and that stick :)  A collector's item for sure, this is my newest fave. Shout out to my loyal subby for the outfit/accessories and custom concept as it turned out beautifully. Orginally this custom was to be an exclusive not to be posted for sale in my stores upon buyer's request. Buuuuuuut, I was looking too scrumptious, so I Had to convince him to let me share this one! THIS CLIP ALSO RESCUES THE DRWONING SIMP WITH A CAKED-UP BAYWATCH BEAUTY FOR: ASS WORSHIP - MOANING - DIRTY TALK - ASS SPREADING - ASSHOLE FETISH - BOOTY CLAPPING - JOI - TIGHTS FETISH - BEAUTYHOLE WINKING - STRIPTEASE