Candy Cunts


Jessica Nova

American / Ga
6:49 min - Oct 22 - .MP4 - 153.26 MB


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The girls, Whitney Morgan, Luna Dawn, Quin and Jessica Nova return from a night of trick or treating! They can't wait to gobble up their candy but they each find a mysterious piece from a man down the street. It smells so good they can't wait to put it into their mouths! They slip it in in around their tongue and it makes them giggle with excitement, WHAT IS THIS taste? It tickles their mouths, and makes their bodies suddenly feel warm, a heat overtaking them. They continue to suck it, slurping loudly and giggling, noticing the bodily charms of the other. Their hormones rage and their bran cells flutter away as they get horny and dumb for each other. Will the effects of the candy be permanent