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Stepdaughter Makes U Get Rid Of Mommy



American / Las Vegas
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Your bratty stepdaughter wants a pony and mommy wont let her have one. So she tells you there's only one way to solve the problem: we have to get rid of mommy! She coyly comes into the room and asks you to rub some tanning oil on her. She's wearing almost nothing so you try to not do anything bad but she says if you just rub some oil on her ass she will go away. But then she takes off her bikini bottoms and tells you they don't fit right. You try to not to look at her sexy college body but you cant help but stare... she sits in your lap and finds that your cock is hard! She pulls out your cock and starts to stroke it.. you know this is wrong and you try to stop her but as you feel her tongue on your cock you start getting weaker and weaker.. she starts telling you all about how you can be together with her and have sex with her all the time.. she makes you tell her that you will be her slave. You tell her no, but she puts your cock away and starts to leave. You know you cant live without her incredible tongue. So.. you give in.. its so wrong but it feels so right! She sucks your cock as she tells you mommy will have to live in the garage.. she might even make mommy her slave too. As you blow your load in her college girl mouth, you know your life will never be the same. YOUR STEPDAUGHTER OWNS YOU NOW