Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday




American / Seattle
25:19 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 1.46 GB


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A twisted tale of seduction, betrayal and gamesmanship. Beware of the Asian Seductress! ------------ This is a custom video."Wow, this game is amazing. Seriously. You did an amazing job! I know it's not quite finished yet, but it's so awesome already. We should sell this to Xbox or Sony for PS4. Or wait, even better: Hollywood! I'm serious. We can improve the music a bit, but the game play is great. The characters look cool. You know what would be a great addition to this game? It would be cool to have an Asian seductress in the game. Maybe one who knows how to put her victims in a trance. That could be her special power. What? You don't want to do that? Why don't I show you exactly what I mean boss? I'll show you how this would work." In an effort to put her boss under a spell, Sydney takes off her evening dress and slowly strips down to her underwear with her boss watching her. She makes him come closer and with her soothing voice he gets mesmerized. His mind is being controlled by Sydney. And when she shows her ass, the process is complete. Now Sydney will show him in real life what it means to have a killer Asian seductress as part of the equation. Before he knows what's going on, he'll be signing over control over the company and all his work will be hers and hers alone. After he signs his company away and all his financial information, Sydney calls her business partner and proceeds to deal with her boss who is f0r.c.ed to put a plastic bag over his head. Next Sydney makes him tie some pantyhose around his neck and gets ready for her business meeting as new head of the company. Game Over