Psylock vs. Pink Scorpion


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:28 min - Oct 21 - .WMV - 434.46 MB


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The Xmen were out on a rescue mission when things went terribly wrong. Unbeknownst to them it was really a trap! When they split up to search out the warehouse complex, the Pink Scorpion takes them out 1 by 1. Tipped off by Storm Psylocke has narrowly escaped her clutches but not for long... As Psylocke pauses for a moment to catch her breathe and kick off her heels so she can run faster the Scorpion catches up and pounces on her. Psylocke shoves her off and The Pink Scorpion revels she has already captured the other Xmen. Psylocke should just give up. Defiantly Psylocke declares her NEVER gives up! and blasts Scorpion in the face with her fists. As Scorpion doubles over Psylocke delivers a solid belly punch. But Scorpion just wipes her mouth and attacks Psylocke with her own punches. She furiously c ho kes Psylocke and catches her with devastating a belly punch. They battle it out each taking and delivering hard hits. Psylocke is getting worn down by Scorpions merciless punching but is nowhere near ready to give up. Sensing victory Pink Scorpion taunts her with the sordid details of Storms capture. But all it does is anger Psylocke and she musters up all her power to try and destroy the Scorpion. Not happy Scorpion plays dirty punching Pys tits. Satisfied at her screams Scorpion goes for the cunt! She grabs Psylocke off the ground by her pussy laughing evilly. Psylocke is not above playing dirty and begins to dish out tit pain. She takes Scorpion to the ground and cranks on her tits. Scorpion screams in pain and tries to buck Psylocke off. In the battle of good vs. evil both women are equally matched, who will be the victor