Savannah bullies Asia pt.2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
6:13 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 473.58 MB


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In this part 2 update Savannah is showing classmate Asia how weak she is. Asia is tying to hurt Savannah with karate chops and kicks but Savannah is so much bigger and stronger then Asia. She picks Asia up and puts her on her shoulder. Asia tries to slap Savannah but she is so high up in the air that she cant even reach Savannah! Savannah laughs at Asia having fun time toying with her. She bounces Asia up and down in the air as Asia flails desperately. Savannah tells Asia to give up, her slaps are starting to annoy Savannah. But Asia is stubborn, so Savannah cranks up the heat and crushes Asia in a bear hug lifting her almost 3 feet off the ground. Asia cries out in pain but still wont give up. Savannah tells Asia her muscles can be nice instead. She picks Asia up in a front carry and flexes for her. Little Asia just slaps Savannah muscles and refuses to play nice. That's it! Savannah throws Asia over her shoulder with her butt in the air, her skirt falls down and exposes her skimpy panties. Savannah threatens to carry Asia through the school hallways like this. Wouldn't all the boys like to see Asia's underwear?! Asia is powerless to stop Savannah as she tips her completely down her back, holding her up in the air by just her ankles! Savannah then tickles Asia's feet until she agrees to give up. Finally subdued Savannah explains to Asia she doesn't have to use her strong muscles to bully Asia. She can carry her in nice ways too... She picks Asia up piggyback and walks slowly with her. Asia not so blind the rage now begins to enjoy herself. Being this close to Savannah is making her feel kinda funny. The longer Savannah carries her, the more Asia finds herself wishing she could give Savannah a kiss....Asia feels herself getting turned on by how strong Savannah is, and she cant take it any longer and just has to kiss Savannah