Nun Anal Lust and Repentance



American / East Coast
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Nun Ali begs God to forgive her for her wicked temptations and lustful desires. She was to remain pure and chaste. If she does not fuck her pussy, she will still remain so. Instead, she is going to sate her need to be filled and fucked with some anal masturbation. However, to prove that she will not enjoy it, that she will repent for her carnal desires, she will punish herself with a flogger and paddle as she commits this act of sodomy. She slides the silver vibrator into her tight ass while flogging her creamy inner thighs until they turn a nice pink. Then she flips over and paddles her ass with studded silicone paddle. She achieves an anal orgasm despite the punishment. She flips back over and paddles her inner thighs until pleasure consumes her. Sated, Nun Ali hopes that her proclaims of forgiveness throughout this lustful act as well as her punishment does not go unheard